House Passing Russia Sanctions Bill?

I don’t agree with the House passing their Russia sanctions bill. The president needs to be able to negotiate with foreign powers – that is a big reason why he was elected. As someone from South Florida, I have a close view of the futility of sanctions which have actually made the Castro Regime stronger within Cuba. The same dilemma has been occurring in Russia, which in the meantime is being driven closer to China.


Kendall Coffey believes Mueller shouldn’t proceed beyond the investigation into Russian interference or collusion.

“That was the framework for his appointment and to exceed that role to examine a broad range of prior business dealings is not appropriate,” Coffey said. “But I don’t agree with Trump attacking Mueller at this point.”

Coffey refers to a 60’s song that says “you don’t tug on Superman’s cape.” He believes attacking someone with such power, discretion and who is widely respected is like attacking Superman and trying to rip his cape off without kryptonite.