President Donald Trump signed the Russia sanctions bill this morning, limiting his own ability to ease sanctions on Moscow. I have long warned against signing this bill into law.

The president needs to be able to negotiate with foreign powers – that’s a big reason why he was elected: to improve our position in the world. Tying a president’s hands like this on the global stage is a troubling precedent that creates real problems.

I believe limiting Trump’s presidential authority could hurt the US and our ability to work with allies. As a resident of South Florida, I have closely watched the futility of Cuba sanctions which actually strengthened the Castro Regime. As Hillary Clinton observed, “the embargo is Castro’s best friend.”

The same dilemma has been occurring in Russia, which in the meantime is being driven closer to China. But it’s not just the inefficacy of sanctions that concerns me – it’s the inevitable negative impact of the Congressional action on future diplomacy. It is not realistic for a foreign superpower to negotiate with not only the president, but in effect, 535 members of Congress and the Senate.

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